Here at The Dankles, we’re continuously coming up with ways of letting our fans know what their favorite artists are up to at all times. I am not only proud to unveil a new interview format titled Last Words but honored to have the ever so talented Willy Joy be our first guest contributor for the segment. Enjoy mes Amis!

Last time you were in the studio
I’m in the studio right now!
Last person to influence you
Hard to say, happens all the time. My man Kill The Noise has been making a lot of inspiring music lately.
Last time you attended a show you didn’t play at
Went to a Dilla tribute night last week. And a Norm Macdonald standup comedy show. Actually, that was the most inspiring thing I’ve seen in a long time.
Last time in an exotic country
Costa Rica in January. I’m now planning how to move there and work in a sloth rescue center for the rest of my life… not really joking.
Last favorite tweet
Everything from @LILINTERNET. @TweenHobo has been falling off lately.
Last CD/vinyl you bought
I bought a bunch of bootleg reggaeton CDs in Costa Rica, found some local heaters on there!
Last track you listened to
My single coming out on DJ Benzi’s label (Get Right Records)
Last moment you were scared
If you fly enough you will have that “suddenly I’m religious, so don’t let me die next to this ugly baby and high school debate team” moment at least once or twice when the turbulence gets really bad.
Last impressive music video you watched
Hate to plug myself… wait, no I don’t.
Last movie you watched
Serenity… again. #nerdalert

Listen : Rompe (Willy Joy Bootleg) – Daddy Yankee

Last good advice/tip
This is about as nerdy as it gets, but it was about how to filter a kick drum. That’s the less glamorous side of DJ life.
Last awkward moment
Everytime I run into my neighbors. We’re not friends, so why we gotta talk everytime I see you?!
Last show you played for free
New Years Day, a last-minute house party with me, Dillon Francis and Lucky Date. Both me and Dillon missed our flights that day and made the best of a hungover situation. (Recap Here)
Last bad trend in music
I love bad trends, no hate here. Bring on the garbage!
Last party that got out of control
I was partying with The End Is Near tour in Baltimore, and a girl ended up in the harbor. Nuff said!
Last promise you made
“I will not eat any more pie today” (this would also be the answer to “Last promise you broke”)
Last time you were proud of yourself
I get proud about old man stuff… like saving 10 dollars on my phone bill.
Last love
These questions are getting real emo! There’s a place near me that makes Pancake Batter Pie… I think you see where this is going.
Last place you visited and never wanted to leave
Costa Rica
Last time you were inspired
Watching Norm Macdonald perform
Last regret
You guys sure ask a lot of questions about pie. Not that I’m complaining!
Last good quote you’ve heard
One of my all time favorites is “kill your babies”. Meaning don’t get a big head and always strive to be better in your art.
Last good book you’ve read
Finally got around to Homicide by David Simon. Excellent all round.
Last artist you were stoked on
If we’re talking new artists, Jay Fay, JWLS, Clockwork, Billy The Gent & Long Jawns, and the new stuff Team Bayside High is cooking up…
Last time you’re frustrated
If you don’t want to ever be frustrated, don’t get involved in the music business.
Last time you laughed hard enough to pee your pants
Do people really do that? I peed in my snowpants once when I was a kid. It was warm.
Last record released on Trouble & Bass
The Whispering Woods EP, out now!
Last coffee shop
Some crappy chain, like always.
Last time you went skateboarding
I was probably… 10?
Last embarrassing moment
I don’t embarrass easily, but I do really dumb things in front of people all the time.
Last words/shout outs 
Thanks for the support! If you made it this far, thanks for reading, and come say hi on tour! I’ll try not to sweat on you.
Listen : March Madness Mix – Willy Joy

The Milk – Broke Up The Family (Hostage vs. Rack N Ruin Remix)
Elite Force – Be Strong (Loops Of Fury Remix)
Will Bailey – Offline
Kid Kaio & Billy The Klit – We On The Block
Anna Lunoe & Diamond Lights – Stronger (Willy Joy Remix)
Plump DJs – Gobstopper
Alvaro & The Partysquad – Wataah
Housquare – Onyx feat. Modek
Solidisco – Hooked (JWLS Remix)
Reset! – Oh Yeah
Willy Joy & Smalltown DJs – Wicked
Udachi – Put Down De Gun
Steve Aoki – Emergency (Clockwork Remix)
Willy Joy – Whispering Woods
Kill Frenzy – Make That Booty Clap
DJ Deeon – The Freaks
Dismantle – Computation
Buraka Som Sistema – Hangover (Bababa) (Caspa Remix)
Rusko – Somebody To Love (Skream Remix)
Sinden feat. Natalie Storm – Pull Up Wheel Up (Dillon Francis Remix)
Buraka Som Sistema – Tira o Pe (Jay Fay Remix)
Zedd – Scorpion Move

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