Crunkstep/Thugstep, have it as you will, is an ever growing sub genre of that Dubstep we’ve all grown to love. Just look at artists such as Crizzly, TBMA, MiMOSA, Wick-it the Instigator, and to be honest the list could go on for awhile. It’s getting popular quickly. If you’ve been to a Crizzly show recently, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Today I have the pleasure of bringing you a free full length album from the duo O’GRIME, out of Miami. This album is straight fire if you love yourself some Crunkstep. The basslines are tightly laced with the vocals giving it a layered yet unified listen. There’s also a mixture of their own raunchy hip-hop tunes scattered throughout. This Miami duo has done us all a favor by throwing this our way for free. I mean how could you go wrong with a track produced by our other Florida favorites, CALIGULA?!

Like what you hear? Click the picture to DL the album.



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