Coming from Australia with a very similar style to that of Opiuo, the Dankles bring you an interview with the one and only Blunt Instrument.

TD: First things first, introduce yourselves to the world- What are your names? How old are you? How did you meet/get into the glitch-hop music scene?

BI: Blunt Instrument is Rocco and myself (Luke). They are actually psuedonyms and we are really 13 year old teenage girls :) We met  a while ago and Rocco schooled me in how to mix (breakbeat) which led to us dj’ing together doing a 4 deck show and eventually getting in production. We were both heavily into breaks/drum’n’bass and instrumental hip hop, especially Ninja Tune stuff , which was a gateway drug to discovering ‘glitch hop’ like Tipper’s album, Tip Hop.

TD: With so much creativity and style in the electronic music world today, where would you say you do derive your uniqueness from?

BI: Some our uniqueness probably comes from not really knowing/hanging out with any other producers. While this has meant it took a long time to figure shit out it has definitely helped us shape our own sound. Using different synths and (probably) ass-baskwards techniques has probaby helped a lot too

TD: Who would you say your musical inspirations are at the moment and why?

BI: So many producers inspire us in so many different ways it’s hard to name names… There’s obvious ones like Noisia, Koan Sound, Bassnectar etc and then there is people totally outside of our sphere that you catch snippets of on the radio and don’t even know who it was yet it sparks an idea.

TD: What kind of music do you listen to outside of the music you make?

BI: I personally listen to as much rock as I can – the production standards for modern rock and roll are so amazing and it’s nice to listen to instruments and stuff….

TD: A lot of people want to know the technical side of producing/performing music, what kind of software/equipment do you use?

BI: We use Ableton for our DAW and a variety of software synths to create our sounds. Native Instruments plays a big part…lately we have been creating a lot of raw tones using Massive and also hardware synths (Novation X-Station) then bouncing them down and tweaking them using the NI Kontakt sampler. Performance-wise, Rocco uses an APC40 and Ableton with a custom controller setup through Bomes software and I have a Denon S3700 CD-J which I use to scratch and do hitter stuff.

TD: Everyone has that one song that gets them more live than everyone else in the room, what’s yours?

BI: I’d have to say Noisia’s remix of Raise your Weapons get’s me amped up every time

TD: So far, what is your favorite show you’ve ever played and why?

BI: Favourite show so far is a toss up between our set at Splendour in the Grass (music festival here in oz) and our first Koan Sound support gig which was at this pretty pretentious nightclub and everyone was getting super loose to 100bpm glitch hop which was crazy to watch.

TD: Do you have anything in the works that you’re excited to release?

BI: We are always excited to get new tunes out there – we have a new dubstep remix of a Jillian Ann tune that is a big leap in our production and also a new EP basically wrapped up and coming out sometime soon.

TD: Is there a particular artist you would like to make a collab with/perform live with?

BI: Noisia…but I think we’d be too in awe to even speak and too conscious of our own production to ever do it :)

Check out Blunt Instrument’s new EP The Pocket on soundcloud.


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