First of all, we at The Dankles would like to thank JTrick for taking the time to talk to us.  This Sydney, Australia native is a promising young prospect in the EDM world, mainly making splashes in the Moombahton pool.  The variety of new sounds that JTrick provides have had us at The Dankles following his career for a while now. With just over a week before he touches down in the US, JTrick gives us a look into his music, and what he has in store for us over the next few weeks.

TD:  DJ JTrick, We’d like to start off with a big thanks from the whole Dankles crew for taking the time out to give us a glimpse into your life.  So, lets start with the basics:  What is your real name, current location, and how long have you been producing music/mixing?

JTrick:  It’s a pleasure! My name is Jamie, I’m from Sydney, Australia, and have been producing just over a year and half, and mixing for about 3.

TD:  How did you get involved in the EDM scene?  Who inspires you the most to make your music?

JTrick:  I got involved while I was still in school. My best mates were all about house/electro at the time and I was all hip hop/rap, but after listening to their I-Pods a few times in class, I started loving the hard electro type tunes. At the time my inspiration to start DJ-ing was seeing all the international DJs coming through my favorite club every week, but very soon after my main inspiration became Afrojack when I first heard his track “Polkadots”.  After downloading a few of his tunes, I knew that I wanted to start making my own beats, and that’s how I got into producing!

TD:  We know you are very well-rounded in terms of genres and what types of sounds you like to use in your tracks, but for those who don’t know, can you explain your Dutch styled influence and what the sound results as in your music?

JTrick:  The Dutch style influence really comes through in my tunes in terms of the energy that I try to bring!  Big kicks and bmore patterns, snares, and harsh synths; that’s pretty much the main idea when it comes to Dutch and I try and incorporate a lot of that into my tunes.

TD:  What kind of equipment/production software programs do you prefer to use for your production in the studio?

JTrick:  My studio set up is very minimal! Until about two months ago, I was using Logitech surround sound speakers and didn’t have any midi keyboards or anything. At the moment my studio consists of an I-Mac, Akai MPK Keyboard, Krk 6” monitors and my favorite, FL Studio 10 (don’t diss it til you try it!)

TD:  What would you say sets you apart from other producers in the scene?

JTrick:  I think the variety of tunes I put out sets me apart. I’m always trying something new, going from moombahton to electro to fidget and everything in between. A lot of people tell me I’ve got a trademark kick-drum sound that they’ve been diggin’ so I guess that’s pretty cool too!

TD:  As a native to OZ, how do the EDM scenes compare in your eyes (Australia vs. Europe vs. America)?

JTrick:  Australia needs to lift its game for sure! I recently got back from my overseas trip to Europe and the scene over there is thriving! Especially in Ibiza! Australia has been going steady for a while, but I’d love to see more international artists playing big club shows here more frequently, I think that would do big things for our scene! As far as America, I guess I’ll find out on my upcoming tour this March! (Information below)

TD:  Favorite pre-show pre-game ritual?

JTrick:  Shots!

TD:  What’s your worst fear while playing a live set?

JTrick:  When I’m DJ-ing I’m in my own zone, on my level and nothing really distracts me so its dope! But my worst fear while playing a set is probably dropping one of my own tunes and clearing a floor, I guess that’s any DJ/Producer’s nightmare though, and thankfully it hasn’t happened yet!

TD:  You have made remixes of many artist’s work such as Toddla T, David Heartbreak and Lil’ Jon (to name a few), but who would you like to collaborate with in the future on an original mix?

JTrick:  I’d love to collaborate with Tonic, Dillon Francis, Angger Dimas and Valentino Khan just to name a few. These guys are all doing big things and are an inspiration so collabing with any of them would be dope!

TD:  Coming from the Land Down Under, with many animals and beings that are foreign to us Americans, ever had any funny run-ins with these beasts?

JTrick:  Haha never really had any funny run-ins with them, but had a lot of people from the States and Europe ask me if we ride them to work and school and if we keep them in our backyards…Hell no!

TD:  When you are not producing or mixing, what do you like to do in your free time?

JTrick:  Kickin’ it with my crew down here in Syd, listening to other peoples tunes, especially for my label, “Club Cartel Records”, and just chillin’ out basically!

TD:  Any big plans for 2012?  Tour?  New Releases?  Killer Collabs?

JTrick:  I’ve got my USA tour from 14th – 25th March, will be stopping in Los Angeles, New York, Florida, and Chicago and still trying to line up some other locations but will be announcing everything real soon (Venues & Confirmed date information below)!  We’ve got a heap of new releases; both original & remixes, and definitely some big collabs! I’m working on some stuff with Dooze Jackers at the moment and also working on an EP with Tittsworth so 2012 is definitely going to be massive!

TD:  You are one of the label managers at Club Cartel Records, could you tell us a bit about the label?  Do you focus on specific genres or sounds with this label, or anything “club-worthy”?

JTrick:  I basically started the label after I got a job with an events company here as an intern last year.  Events definitely wasn’t were my head was at, but I was really keen on working with them and creating a sub-label under their name, which the manager was interested in at the time.  Basically, after going through the motions to set it up, realizing I was being ripped off, and realizing I could do it 100 times better on my own; Club Cartel Records was formed! After having a steady stream of my own releases on a number of different labels, I was already thinking about starting up my own label, and with the amount of quality demos that were being sent to me week in week out, I thought it was a great idea, especially to help out the next up-and-comers, because I know exactly how hard it is to cop a break in this scene! I started Club Cartel Records with the idea of releasing tunes that were “anything banging” in any genre, as long as it was heavy-hitting and a true club tune!

TD:  Who are some of your most up-and-coming prospects with Club Cartel Records?

JTrick:  All of our artists are pretty much up-and-comers, or just breaking the scene, but there’s a few that are really doing big things at the moment. Our dude Jayyfresh (Winner of Club Cartel Remix Competition) is absolutely on fire at the moment! We also have our secret weapons, Apocalypto, who we will be unveiling very soon, and, of course, you have dudes like Reece Low, Zoolanda, JDG and Ape Drums who are always bringing the heat!

TD:  There have been over fifty releases from Club Cartel Records in a short time span, what was your favorite project from the past and what are you looking forward to most with the label?

JTrick:  Yeah, we have been really busy, and we aren’t even a year into this yet! We have some massive things planned for 2012, but I’d have to say my favorite release would be the Flexah EP, only because we ran the competition for that release and had so many people participate (Over 100 remixes!!). I’m really looking forward to our upcoming Moombah Heat compilation which will be available on Beatport very soon, and a whole lot of other stuff, but we will have to keep that under wraps for now!

TD:  Last track you bought?

JTrick:  Qulinez – Troll (Original Mix)

TD:  Last show you attended (that you didn’t play at)?

JTrick:  Does rap count? I recently saw TechN9ne in concert! Was dope!!

TD:  Last favorite tweet?

JTrick:  A dude from Canada telling me that he made furious love to his Mrs. last night while listening to my Diablo EP that he just bought off beatport! WINNING!

TD:  Last time you laughed so hard you cried/almost peed your pants? 

JTrick:  Today, after hearing the Paris Hilton track that Afrojack produced… he’s still my idol though!

TD:  Last time you thought you were in big trouble?

JTrick:  After my final University exams… but lucky I got thru that all good!

TD:  Last person to inspire you? 

JTrick:  David Guetta…Just recently watched the “Nothing But The Beat” documentary and that was really inspiring!

TD:  Lastly, are there any last words or shout-outs that you’d like to make?

JTrick:  I’d like to give a big shout out to all my fans across the globe! All the people that comment on my SoundCloud uploads, and all the peeps sending me emails! All your support makes me wanna go harder on the next tune and keeps me motivated so BIG UPS!



MARCH 17 – STONE LOTUS – CHICAGO, IL *The Dankles Appearance


MARCH 23 – DROM! – NEW YORK CITY *The Dankles Appearance

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