Saturday was a rough wake up due to events from the previous night, but having the whole day off to recuperate gave me the strength I needed to prepare for a UKF Tour visit from Gemini and KOAN Sound. Once at Bottom Lounge, I was surprised to see how much the crowd differed from Friday night. No raved out teens running around like pinballs, no jabberwocky’d individuals pushing you out the way without care; just a show that actually felt a lot more intimate which the crowd appreciated.


Vladimir Zaytsev Photography

I don’t know if this is a new trend, but seeing another opener go HAM before the headliner is something that should be happening on the regular. Gemini took the stage in the same fashion that Kenny Powers takes to life; aggressive, fast, and damn near reckless. Hammers were the only thing on Gemini’s mind as he not only delivered all the material off his first EP titled Graduation, but some new remixes that were truly fresh off the press. (Closing out with Funtcase’s remix to Ill Manor’s was insane!) Standouts included:

Download : Elevate – Gemini

Listen : Pon De Floor – Major Lazer
Listen : Fire EP – Gemini BRAND NEW


Download : Rude Boy Bass (feat. Damien Marley) – Skrillex *Live Version

Download : Ill Manors (FuntCase Remix) (LIVE) – Plan B *Out March 25th

KOAN Sound

Photos: Vladimir Zaytsev Photography

There was a bit of confusion on who dropped ill Manors since both Gemini and KOAN Sound were on stage at the time, but none the less the show continued on with Will Weeks picking up right where Gemini left off. It was a thing of beauty as KOAN transitioned through so many genres while making sure everyone was on their feet giving it 100%. At the end of his set, Will was given a massive round of applause and treated us with a banger encore performance with Gemini. Standouts included :

Listen : Funk Blaster – KOAN Sound

Download : Whiskers (feat. Gemini) – Feed Me

Download : The Edge – KOAN Sound

Listen : Risky Endeavors – KOAN Sound

We continued to rage until 5 at HQ since I had to depart the city for a day early, but that was not the end to the weekend. Like I said at the beginning of this story, Chicago goes hard till Monday night! Stay tuned……

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