When most think of the fun-loving, high-energy, dancehall/reggae obsessed music that Major Lazer throws down, it’s usually Diplo who is credited as the soul provider of the project. Unknown to many (and I really mean that) is the fact that the group has another absolute standout producer who I feel never gets the attention he fully deserves. Then again, Switch might prefer to go under the rader and let his music do the talking for him. Having seen the man perform 4 times last year and each set be completely different yet amazing is something I can’t say about any other artist, and this recent touch to Santigold’s newest track might give those heading to Ultra a reason to stop by hist set on Saturday! Enjoy mes Amis.

Listen : Disparate Youth (Switch Remix) – Santigold


Download : What Did She You Say – Switch

Download : I Still Love You feat. Andrea Martin – Switch

Listen : Gilles Peterson’s Havana Cultura Band – Agita feat. El Micha & Osdalgia (Switch & Sinden Remix)

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