Hailing from the great town of Boulder, Colorado Dirt Monkey has become quite a prominent figure in the dubstep scene. His diverse background and interests in music have given him the tools to create some of the grimiest and sub-bass heavy tunes we at The Dankles have heard in a long time. Since his beginning, he has released a plethora of other hip-hop/dubstep mixed power-tunes that are surely worthy of more popular enjoyment. Check out this exclusive interview as you listen to these dope tracks off Dirt Monkey’s newest Out the Box – EP!


The Dankles: Dirt Monkey! Gotta start off with a big thanks from the whole Dankles crew for taking this moment to give us a small insight into your life. Let’s start with the basics: What’s your real name, age, current location, and how long have you been producing/mixing?

Dirt Monkey: Patrick Megeath, 25 years old, living in Boulder, CO. I’ve been writing electronic music for about 10 years, dj’ing for about 4.

The Dankles: Despite your moderately new involvement in the dubstep scene, you have created quite a big name for yourself inside and outside of the Boulder/Denver area; how did you first get into producing electronic music?

Dirt Monkey: It all started when my friend got me into using a program called “Fruity Loops”. I spent a lot of time messing around with that (like 4 years) and then got an MPC 1000. Made some beats on that, then sold it to buy Ableton Live (about 4 years ago)

The Dankles: Its easy for any listener to hear the diversity in heaviness of percussion and bass that you embed into each of your tracks, where would you say that you gain your musical influences from and what separates you from other dubstep artists in the game today?

Dirt Monkey: Well, I get all of my influence from the music I listen to which is mostly hip hop. All of my favorite hip hop producers have one thing in common, and that is HUGE DRUMS!! So needless to say, banging drums are very important when I’m writing a song. My overall style is what separates me from other producers. Becasue of everything I listen to (reggae, hip hop, tech house, jazz, etc) I feel like I’ve developed a style that is different than everyone else.

The Dankles: With so much diversity in midi samplers, mixdecks, and production software, every dj has his/her own unique studio set up and live performance set up. Can you share with us the programs and equipment you like to use when you are creating music at home or performing it live?

Dirt Monkey: Sure thing, for my studio at home: 27” iMac, Ableton Live 8, Alesis Q49 keyboard, Mackie MR5 monitors with a 10”JBL sub, and RME Babyface interface. Not gonna go into details about VST’s because that’s my little secret!
As for DJing, I simply play audio CDs on CDJ’s. In my opinion thats the next best thing (sound quality wise) to vinyl

The Dankles: As a Boulder native, you are probably well aware of the vast number of other activities and hobbies to indulge in. While not in the mix lab or on stage, what are some of your favorite activities or hobbies to take part in? Anything special we should know about you?

Dirt Monkey: Well at the moment, I’m pretty addicted to snowboarding. Haven’t been able to afford it for a while, but this year I have a pass to Copper and I’m LOVING IT!! I also like to play a LOT of frisbee golf.

The Dankles: So far, you’ve collaborated with the likes of Jantsen and Steptech, as well as opened for artists such as Adventure Club and Excision; what was your best experience working alongside another artist(s) either in the studio or on stage? Are there any dj’s you would like to produce or perform with in the future?

Dirt Monkey: Best experience so far has been writing music with fellow Colorado-ian Ishe. We’ve already put out a 4 song ep on Play Me Records, and are about 80% done with a 14 song album, also coming out on Play Me this June. Who would I like to write a tune with? Well, I wouldn’t mind doing a collab with Koan Sound. Those guys are the most next level producers out there in my opinion, and it would be sick to get down on a tune with them..

The Dankles: Having so many songs and remixes created everyday and released onto the Internet, it’s easy to say that there is a lot of good music to be heard and shared. What would you say is your favorite song or remix at the moment?

Dirt Monkey: Whoa that’s a tough one! Gotta go with Koan Sound-”The Edge” That is the perfect song in my opinion. Can’t really describe it, you just have to listen to it..

The Dankles: You released your newest EP “Out the Box” on Irie Cartel Records a few days ago, so I can imagine you’ll be making some more appearances in the Greater Denver area and outside of Colorado in the future; what are some of your upcoming plans as far as shows, tours, festivals etc?

Dirt Monkey: Shows coming up: I’m playing at Avalon in LA with J Rabbit this friday (Feb 24), then Thursday, March 15 at the Bluebird with Jantsen, and Saturday, March 24 in Wichita, Kansas with Ishe..

The Dankles: And lastly, are there any last words or shout-outs you’d like to make? Once again, thanks a million for taking the time to talk with us! Keep it dank and keep it grimey!

Dirt Monkey: Yes, much love out to the Sub.Mission and Play Me families!!! I couldn’t ask for better people to be surrounded by all the time… Also to my lovely girlfriend Heidi, my awesome parents, and all my friends and people that listen to my music!

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