Ya’ll like that moombahton?  Moombahton always seems like the perfect way to start every day.  No matter the situation, the drum beat of a moombahton tune fixes most problems and is incredibly infectious.  Well for today I’ve got a tune from a Peruvian producer named Chong-X (I think that’s a sweet name).  Chong-X has stayed off most people’s radars as of late, but I’m trying to help him gain a bit more exposure.  I’ve been downloading really really good moombahton from this guy over the last year.  His moombahton almost sounds like it wasn’t produced with a computer.  Everything feels so original and real with every track he produces.  So give Chong-X a listen and see for yourself.  If you like what you hear click the soundcloud link and find so many free downloads.

Download: Doomsday (Chong-X edit) – Angger Dimas

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