We featured moombahton-master David Heartbreak for an interview not too long ago(check it out here), and he stated in the interview that one of his favorite tunes at the moment was this Valentino Khan remix!  Just starting this year I have heard and seen Valentino Khan’s name being thrown around because of his incredible music.  I’ve only heard a few tracks from him, but if he is getting praise from tons of moombah heads than his music can’t be too bad at all.  Not only can he make some moombah but he has a gift with some dubstep too.  This “Elmo” track has Hreatbreak written all over it, but Valentino takes it to level 140 and rinses it out.  Be sure to be on the look-out for this guy in the future!  (P.s. this might be the funniest Artist picture ever)

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