I need you all to do yourself a favor and download this free album that my favorite rapper at the moment just graced us with. Action Bronson and Party Supplies teamed up a couple months ago and treated us to 80’s inspired “Contemporary Man” and as promised here is the free EP that everyone’s favorite chef and Fool’s Gold producer have come up with. This EP is pretty out there in a lot of ways – Party Supplies’ production features obscure samples and influences from all genres of music and media, the production isn’t elite but he is certainly no slouch on the beats. Bronson’s lyrics on the other hand are about what you would expect if you’ve listened to him before, he’s not the best lyricist out there but he’s fun to listen to and his personality really shines through in his tracks.

Here’s a little taste of what the chef cooked up if you want to sample it before you take a bite

Download : Blue Chips – Action Bronson x Party Supplies 

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