Here we are once again bringing you a BRAND NEW tune from Diplo.  If I had to guess, I would imagine Diplo never sleeps, or maybe is constantly taking naps, but either way we are pumped on all this new material.  This morning he released this new tune from himself and Netherland native, Vato Gonzalez and this time it’s something of a moombahcore track.  This tune is incredibly appropriate for Diplo and the Mad Decent crew in general.  The tune focus’s it’s attention to the subtle one liner, “Hate me, cause I’m breaking rules”.  Along with this tune, Diplo announced he will be headlining the Axe One Night Only Tour (yes, the body spray for young teens).  I don’t necessarily agree or like that fact that he is doing this, but it does mean that Diplo will be touring College campus’s soon.  We can only hope that CU will be one of the campus’s he plays at.

Download: Rascal Riddum – Diplo & Vato Gonzalez


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