Just the other day we were gifted with the final release of J.K. the Rapper’s ILL LIFE mixtape. J.K. is a part of the underground FANG collective of artists that I’ve just stumbled upon the other day. Above I tacked on a little video from J.K. himself where he gives a little summary of what the Fuck A Name Gang is about and who they are, for what he can remember off the top of his head at least. These guys bring a fresh new chilled out hip hop sound that’s held together by the variation each person contributing to the track has to offer. From the looks of it these guys are on the up and up so we can only wait to see if we see some of these guys names around more often. I rounded up a few tracks from the mixtape I’ve been diggin so check them out and if you’re digging them you can scoop the whole tape from these guys for FREE on their site. Oh and once the mixtape hits 1,000 downloads these guys said they’d be dropping the video to the track Slow it Down that just came out on ILL LIFE so show them some love. In Fang We Trust.


Get the mixtape here



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