Proper for it being the week before Ultra and all, new tracks are flying everywhere today before the madness which marks the opening of the spring/summer season begins.  And as soon as this remix by one of our favorites, Heartbreak, was released today, our excitement level jumped to a new level.  Known as one of the leaders in the moombahton genre, Heartbreak has done something completely different with this track. Exploring more glitchy and electro sounds with less bass in your face than usual, we’re exposed to a different facade of this innovator’s style.  We know personally that he worked for more than 24 hours straight on this tune with little break time (and zero sleep), and the effort comes through vividly with this mellow, quiet storm-type remix.  Nothing makes us happier than seeing an artist define themself on their own terms, so for that, we salute you, Heartbreak.

Listen : Good Love (Heartbreak’s Aggressive Roul Remix – HellFire Machina & Infuze

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