Just yesterday we saw the release of Jon Kwest’s ‘The Winter of Moombahton 2012’ through DJ Mag. This collection of tons encompass a large breadth of what makes moombahton the rump shakin’ beats we’ve grown to love it for. Featuring key producers such as Cam Jus, Apt One, Kid Cedek, and a few gems from Kwest himself; this compilation could stand to open some of your sleepy eyes and see where the genre has been heading in the past few months. This is a fitting mix of tunes for the gorgeous weather we’ve been having the past few weeks so wether you’re doing a little spring cleaning or starting the weekend off early with a few beers these beats will get your ass movin’! This little remix below is by our man Nick Thayer, a producer out of Australlia that twisted up this little remix a few months back but it’s been jammed in my head lately so I’m getting it out by dropping in on your guys.

Grab the entire ‘The Winter of Moombahton 2012’ compilation here


1. Cam Jus – Phantom Elements
2. Jon Kwest – Scanner
3. Apt One – Locked
4. Canamajoso – Canamo (instrumental mix)
5. DJ Madd OD – El Tropical
6. Guapo Feo – Spanish Fever
7. Nate Metro – I Want Sundays Back
8. Kovary – Everybody Knows My Name
9. Pickster & Melo – Overnight Sensation
10. Kid Cedek – Chingoteo
11. Don Valdez – La Llorona
12. Jon Kwest – Trick Baby
13. Cy Kosis – Club Massacre
14. Boyfriend & Krinjah – Yuh Body Good
15. Xianjuan aka Xian1 – M.I.A.
DJ Yoda – Toot it Up (Nick Thayer Rmx)

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