Requake took the weirder approach to releasing this bad boy.  They put up on Facebook that they wanted to reach the 7,067 “likes” mark; an odd number to say the least, but I’m not going to complain about it.  Requake is a Belgium based production duo that makes the deepest best dubstep, in my opinion.  I’m not talking about the 5000 sounds all mashed up into one song dubstep, but more of a early Croydon dubstep sound.  The stuff that made dubstep emerge to prominence in the first place.  I must warn you if you are looking for a heavy hitting banger for your next party, this probably isn’t the tune.  This one is a slow moving deep bass track that trickles along on the low end frequency spectrum.

Download : Nightfall ft. G. Anna (Requake remix) – Bredren

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