If you don’t know about Nadastrom, I’m about to give you a little run down.  Nadastrom is a duo of Dave Nada and Matt Nordstrom.  They come from the Washington D.C. area and they pack a punch.  I’m sure many people have heard this before, but Mr. Nada is credited with creating what is now the sounds of Moombahton.  Nadastrom takes influences from various things in life, skateboarding, punk music, salsa and reggaeton vibes.  Matt Nordstrom was a audio engineer throughout college and even picked up a Grammy nomination along the way.  Nadastrom has a huge history behind them, and the music and shows they are playing now is only going to move them forward.  Here I have a special Nadastrom remix for a Steve Aoki tune and as a bonus I added a Drop The Lime remix that premiered today as well!

Download: Heartbreaker (Nadastrom remix) – Steve Aoki ft. LoveFoxxx


Download: Bandit Blues (Nadastrom remix) – Drop The Lime

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