Today we got a fresh new banger from dubstep duo KleptoMaddox. One this tune they turned down the filth a couple levels to deliver us with this swagged out hip hop driven tune. The vocal manipulation is fresh as is, these LA producer are constantly putting out blasting tunes, I’m gonna tack this little remix he did of the late Nate Doggs’ Area Codes that these guys doused in raunch dressing. I’m not entirely sure if these guys do their own vocal sampling but it wouldn’t surprise me if they did,  these guys got some SWAG that is bound to take over the bigger they get. So as always crank the speakers up and swag out.

Download: KleptoMaddox – Swagg in the Bagg (Oringinal Mix)

Bonus Listen: Nate Dogg- Area Codes (KleptoMaddox Dubstep Hoedown)



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