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I personally can’t get enough of the “darker side” of EDM every now and again, and I hit the jackpot with Harikiri.  He is a producer out of London whose sound is a new twist on the grime that I love.  Although the majority of his previous productions would be considered dubstep, he’s been getting his toes wet at the moombahton BPM rate (a bit slower, around 110), and brings us “Twisted”.  This track straight up rockets me into an unknown world, feeling like I should be riding camels through the desert with the tribal and jungle sounds infused with a solid trancey harmony.  Harikiri has received praise from the big names of moombah, such as Bro Safari, Dave Nada, and David Heartbreak, so be on the lookout for this guy to rise high in the future.

Download : Twisted – Harikiri

Listen : Interleaved – Harikiri & R.E.P.L.I.C.A. 


A new summer anthem perhaps?  My memories are defined by the music that surrounds that particular moment, or even period of my life, especially summers.  There are always those tracks that are played over and over that just make your heart melt in the depths of winter and bring you back to the beach, beiruit out in the yard, or soaking in some rays, and Rufus provides the anthem that will mark my Spring of 2012.  The trio has that ability to captivate the listener within seconds and send them into a hypnotical trance.  As soon as their indie, down-tempo deliciousness hits my eardrums, any sense of stress, endless phone calls/emails, and to-do list automatically fizzle into the back of my brain.  Their smooth sounds mixed with insightful lyrics will be accompanying me on my trip to Miami, and giving me the moments of zen that I need between the craziness that will ensue.

Listen : We Left – Rufus

Listen : This Summer – Rufus


Considering that the Spring season has hit us like a brick wall, with nearly no winter, we’re all itching to get in our bikinis and board shorts and hit the closest body of water, whether it be pool or ocean or lake.  Klever’s tropical sounding beats can transport us a few weeks into the future, and makes me feel like I’m already having an underwater adventure, to the likes of snorkeling in the Caribbean with hundreds of schools of bright fish. The glitchy up-beat production master gives me the sensation that the winter never existed, and that we’re in an eternal summer season.  So prepare your UV-ray deprived skin, Klever will be delivering the heat that can bring you into the summer in style.

Download : I’ll Be Gone (Klever Edit) – Mario & VIDIS

Download : Under Dog – Klever


Many of you may not know this, but I am a strange breed that comes from Puerto Rican and German roots, so you can’t imagine the amazement that washed over me when I heard this young producer, Durtysneakz, mix sounds like a latin guitar and deep dubstep bass.  Originally introduced to his sound by one of our friends, Statesthetic (who has collaborated with Durtysneakz), I couldn’t help but fall down the rabbithole to his productions.  It’s rare to find a special element in a young producer, as everyone and anyone now-a-days wants to be one, but this Pittsburgh native set himself apart from the pack by mixing sounds from different genres that never would make sense and marrying them in perfect harmony.  His bass is a must in my car at 7 A.M. to get me out of that fogged sleep stage, and works better than 2 espressos with a Red Bull on top. When you’re in need for some inspirations cross-genre, bass in your face action, throw on Durtysneakz’s beats, and enjoy the turbo shot!

Download : Do You See What I See – Durtysneakz 

Download : Hats to The Back – Durtysneakz & Statesthetic

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