As most of you know or should know, Bassnectar’s newest offering Va Va Voom, is set for release on April 10th.  As of today, Bassnectar and Lupe Fiasco have released a full preview of their new tune and album title, “Va Va Voom”.  I’ve taken a listen and it sounds like good ole Bassnectar once again.  The album also includes collaborations with Ill.Gates, Mimi Page, Tina Malia, and Jantsen on a BANGIN’ track titled, “WHAT”.  We at the Dankles are really looking forward to this new release.  Everyone needs a little Bassnectar in their life :).

Va Va Voom Tracklist:
1. Vava Voom (ft. Lupe Fiasco)
2. Empathy
3. Ugly (ft. Amp Live)
4. Ping Pong
5. What (ft. Jansten)
6. Pennywise Tribute
7. Do It Like This (ft. ill.Gates)
8. Laughter Crescendo [2012 Version]
9. Butterfly (ft. Mimi Page)
10. Nothing Has Been Broken (ft. Tina Malia)
11. Chronological Outtakes 

Listen to Bassnectar & Lupe’s new track “VaVa Voom” HERE, via Rolling Stone.

Download: Ugly ft. Amp Live – Bassnectar

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