It was just this past weekend that this smooth flowing, weed smoking, swagged out MC was brought to my attention. On the final day of 2012’s Ultra Music Festival in Miami, Florida LA based Brainfeeder producer Flying Lotus brought Azizi Gibson along for the ride to give his set a little extra flavor. Flylo’s set was fresh as hell, full of new tracks and classics from way back and every now and then he’d toss the spotlight to Gibson for him to give us a couple of his own signature tracks. After I got back to my room that night I copped Azizi’s enitre “PHUCK DLX” album and haven’t stopped listening through it since. Gibson’s preHISTORICcrew hails from LA for the most part so be sure to keep your eyes on this dude in the upcoming months, just this morning they gave us the video to “Booshie Champagne” off PHUCK DLX. His slowed up flow backed by some freshie beats from Millz has got me hooked; so twist one up and take a listen to this chilled out hiphop. Oh and if you’re really digging this dudes flow then copped the entire album for FREE from Gibson himself; here!

Listen: Fish Scale – Azizi Gibson and Jeremiah Jae

Listen: Gin and Juice – Azizi Gibson

Listen: Real Quick – Azizi Gibson

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