It was to no ones surprise that Saturday dragged on to be quite another long one for us over here at The Dankles, but to no avail we still made it in bright and early Sunday morning to take in the final day of 2012’s Ultra Music Festival for all it was worth. Without a doubt it was one of the hotter days of the weekend and some of us were glad to sit around and lounge in the sun at the festivals Live Stage for most of the day.  (Look for more sets to be added in the next day or so):

Love & Light:
Starting the final day off with Reno, Nevada’s glitch hop Love & Light is what I waited for all weekend. Showing up to the set a few minutes later than expected it was still surprising to see such few people at these guys set! No body knew what they were missing, but as a crew of purple clad bros wandered in with hoes in tail behind me at least a few more people were exposed to their music. We didn’t wind up making it to the after party these guys threw down at later that night with Kraddy but we look forward to maybe bumping into them down at Wakarusa this summer.

Big Gigantic:
Not even thinking about it we made our way over to the Live Stage amphitheater where I planned to lounge around all day and found Boulder locals Big Gigantic mid way through their set. We were still able to catch the majority of a banging set from the duo that even featured a nice dash of new material that seems to be pulling the guys in an awesome direction with their sound. Here’s a little clip from their set:

Ever since missing SBTRKT come to the Bluebird this past Fall I had been regretting it ever since, but finally we got the chance to see this duo at work in the sunshine of Miami. Seeing these guys at work was amazing, I couldn’t have imagined they had so many loops and sounds working at once as they hopped from drums, to keys, to drum pads, and mics. Here’s a clip of them choppin’ up the Drake remix of their song “Wildfire”:

Flying Lotus:
Easily one of the favorite sets of the weekend was from LA producer Steven “Flying Lotus” Ellison. Having seen him throw down a few times now it’s obvious he’s always bringing the heat. This guy is constantly pushing the boundaries of his tunes and how he works them into his sets. This past weekend he threw in all kinds tunes, from those old school Adult Swim background beats that used to make our heads nod, through some fresh hip hop tracks, into new material and that next level galactic shit. He even had MC Azizi Gibson on stage with him who we just featured in a post yesterday.

Art Department:
Canadian house legends Jonny White and Kenny Glasgow came onto the set after a beautifully mixed performance by the “king of underground house” Lee Foss, and despite such an impeccable performance beforehand, the duo known as Art Department were actually able to take things up a notch and continue to let the interstellar house and nu-disco vibes roll. It was truly a magical experience watching these guys at work, and with their unmatchable swagger on stage and their intelligently mixed future beats in their music, it was prevalent that the crowd as enjoying every single minute of their set. Having never heard of the Art Department before, this duo surely found a place in my library and I will be on the search for new music from them by the hour.

Magnetic Man:
Having seen Skream throw it down just about once a day over the course of the weekend it was nice to see finally catch him with the full force of Magnetic Man once again. Its been almost a year since I saw their first US show at Coachella Music & Arts Festival last April in southern California, and yet again it was mind blowing. No one gets the subs groaning like Magnetic Man (besides maybe Flylo), and with SGT Pokes grimey voice slathered over top the sound couldn’t get much filthier. Though their visuals were a little off, the trio still they down a banging set. Here’s a snippet that includes a couple tracks from Magnetic Man and a banger from Skream:

Chase & Status:
It feels like it’s been awhile since we have seen Chase & Status’ name around, but never had any of us over here at The Dankles had the chance to catch this live drumstep group live. This UK duo had been around for the better part of ten years now and with a slew of fresh MCs have come to put out some wild music, and seeing it live definitely put their music in perspective for me. Here’s a clip from their set starting right after they opened with “No Problem”.

Originally we didn’t have the intention to catch Bassnectar’s closing set on Sunday night but the fact that he was kicking off his new VaVaVoom tour got the best of me. And I’m sure glad it did because his set was off the chain. Knowing that Lorin always throws a partying he seems to have culled some things out his sets that people seemed to cling to for awhile. He dropped all the new tunes that have come out from VaVaVoom so far along with that Blur remix of his that he slipped in that last Amorphous Mixtape volume. The dope set on top of the addition of flames to Bassnectar’s live light set made this a dope way to close out the weekend in Miami.

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