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This LA native feeds me what I’ve been searching for, zen EDM.  I’m constantly listening to music no matter what I’m doing, whether working, in the car, and even sleeping.  And for me, it’s almost impossible for me personally to destress with neverending to-do lists running through my head on a constant basis, always with the “what’s next?” mentality before I even finish the task at hand.  Yet, Tokimonsta can provide me with a moment of calmess in the midst of a storm.  She utilizes the classic sounds that we love from EDM, smooth claps and light synth, but mixes these elements with hypnotic melodies that can transform my mood and make the stress just melt away, which is no easy feat.  So when you’re in the mood for a breather from reality for a moment and are in search of some tranquility, make sure its Tokimonsta that you turn to.

Listen : Swine & Burgers – Tokimonsta

Listen: Bright Shadows – Tokimonsta

Cabo Blanco

Although I can say that I finally am recovered from the madness that was Ultra and Miami, and that it was an exhausting weekend, I’d love to be back there right now.  With the aid of Cabo Blanco, I can almost feel the heat of the sand on my feet anytime his tracks are on.  His tropical style makes me want to grab a bikini and daiquiri even if I’m walking around New York with my puffy winter jacket on still.  Not only does Cabo dabble in Caribbean and latin sounds and productions, he’s multi-faceted with a calmer side too, and never stops surprising me with each new track he releases.  He’s starting to create waves in New York, and is definitely someone to watch out for in the future.

Listen : Freaky Like Dat – Cabo Blanco

Download : Breathe (Cabo Blanco Remix) – Cosmolingo 


No, this isn’t some Blue Steel shit, but rather a fresh take on electro-house that comes to us from the land Down Under.  I was so surprised by this young producer, who is one of the truest to the roots and origins of house, which is not the easiest thing to find now-a-days.  Turned onto this producer by our friends from Club Cartel Records, he provides that energy that would blow any energy drink or espresso out of the water and allow rage mode to begin instantaneously.  I can’t help but be pulled into the hyper melodies that make my ADD feel like slow-motion.  He’s an up-and-comer, but on the brink of some massive releases that are sure to gap the bridge between Melbourne and the US.

Listen : Heave (Teaser) – Zoolanda

Download : No Milk (Original Mix) – Zoolanda 

 Evil Analog

You can always look back on life and recall a series of firsts that you know you won’t be able to forget. The first time you drove a car, your first time getting high (depending on how many times since then it might be hard to recall), and the first time you knocked some boots are a few moments that stand out for the majority of us. Evil Analog will always go down as the person that first person who produced the often chaotic, big bass packed, bone-rattling sounds that encompass dubstep/drum & bass/filthstep. Since our introduction back in 2009, Evil Analog has consistently taken touches of tracks that most would stay clear of and created bass cannon bangers each time. Intelligent Dubstep was also his co-creation and if you haven’t taken a peep into that bit of hottest then I suggest your get down with the newest thing in dubstep in 2012. The future is looking bright for this Chicago native and be sure to keep on the look out for big things coming oh so soon.

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