Cry Wolf hasn’t been on my radar too long, but the few tunes I have heard from this duo have made me wanting more.  I first heard Cry Wolf from their remix of “The Suburbs” from Arcade Fire.  I really loved the original and Cry Wolf put a new and exciting twist on it so I was now taking notice to their name.  More recently than ever I’ve seen Cry Wolf’s name pop up and being discussed.  Cry Wolf doesn’t pigeon hole themselves in any particular genre, they bounce from style to style and do it well.  Their new tune “No Deezies” is a good example,  they mix in aspects of electro, house and a bit of dubstep all into one.  Check out this tune and if you like it, I suggest heading over to their soundcloud because they have plenty of free downloads over there!  If you’re a Boulder/Denver resident I suggest checking out Cry Wolf; they are opening for Adventure Club at the Fox Theater on April 6th in Boulder.

Download: No Deezies – Cry Wolf


Download: The Suburbs (Cry Wolf remix) – Mr. Little Jeans (Arcade Fire cover)

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