Gotye’s hit new tune, “Somebody That I Used To Know”, has gotten more reworks, remixes, edits that any recent tune that I can remember.  For good reasons though, those lyrics are more catchy that herpes in Vegas.  I’ve heard a bunch of remixes of this tune, but not too many of them actually did anything for me until I listened to THiCK CHiCK’s remix.  Tucker Wilde and Charlie Meyer aka THiCK CHiCK come out of Boulder, Colorado (just like us), and they specialize in that electro sound with a tease toward the dub side.  Take a listen to their remix; it is characterized by a heavily distorted electro sound that doesn’t get too overbearing.

Download: Somebody That I Used To Know (THiCK CHiCK remix) – Gotye


Download: Electro9 – THiCK CHiCK

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