So I’m not too sure what kind of day it is for you guys but it’s a little grey out here in Colorado. And just yesterday beat producer OffBeatKid dropped a new compilation of beats called “Beats on the Weekends Vol. 1” that are just right for this dreary and gray day, so I figured why not let you guys take a listen too. If you’re digging what you here hop on over to OffBeatKid’s bandcamp to scoop these tunes and see what else he has up his sleeve. I have been a fan of this 18 year old producer from Russia for a good while now and he never ceases to amaze with the tunes he puts out. It hasn’t been since our Dilla Remembrance post that I’ve included anything from OffBeatKid but don’t be surprised if you see his name around in the future.


[soundowl track_id=”34qq” title=”Day by Day” artist=”OffBeatKid” url=”offbeatkid-day-by-day” ]
[soundowl track_id=”34qs” title=”Sunrise” artist=”OffBeatkid” url=”offbeatkid-sunrise” ]
[soundowl track_id=”34qt” title=”Springtime” artist=”OffBeatKid” url=”offbeatkid-springtime” ]
[soundowl track_id=”34qr” title=”Aquarium” artist=”OffBeatKid” url=”offbeatkid-aquarium” ]
[soundowl track_id=”34qu” title=”OffBeatKid – Hope and Wait” artist=”OffBeatKid” url=”offbeatkid-offbeatkid-hope-and-wait” ]


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