Inspiration can be drawn from many sources; people watching in a busy public area, life advice from an elder, a deja vu moment, or some paper bag being blown around by the wind.  Yet for the members of the Moombahton community, inspiration is literally everywhere you look, in everything that’s done, and everything we hear.  ETC!ETC! has teamed up with Sydney’s own J-Trick on this killer collab, and they’ve utilized the self-proclaimed “voice” of the EDM community to deliver a freshly-pressed, and in my opinion, true to the moombahton formula banger.  Fresh off his first US tour (J-Trick) and after monumental experiences in Miami (ETC!ETC!), these amazing past few weeks bring us this love child with plenty of bassdrum and snare-claps that will start any Monday morning off without that normal fog.  The feel-good, high-energy track is perfect for any time you need to start a party quick, so try this one out for your Thirsty Thursday festivities or your weekend pre-game.  Be sure to “LIKE” the artist’s pages for the FREE DOWNLOAD of this track and keep a look-out for all three of these names, as they will be delivering massive projects and tracks to us in the very foreseeable future.

Listen : Hold Tha Line (ft. Whiskey Pete) – ETC!ETC! & J-Trick

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