Today’s the day! And by that we mean, it’s April 2nd and J. Rabbit’s Immune to Gravity EP is finally donned upon us in full. The EP was released through UltraGore Recordings on Beatport this morning and my lord this shit is ridiculous. The filth of lazers blasting over J. Rabbit’s gurgling bass just leads to absolute mayhem. This is J. Rabbit’s first EP so we can only wait and see where this California born producer will take his sound this year. You can get the whole EP over on Beatport but in the mean time you can check out a couple little snippets of the tracks featured on Immune to Gravity below.

Listen: Immune to Gravity – J. Rabbit

Listen: Bad Larry – J. Rabbit

Listen: Just Sayin’ – J. Rabbit ft. KleptoMaddox

Listen: Robot Mafia Showdown – J. rabbit

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