Spring is in the air in most place across the states, and with these unusually high temperatures it has people craving that summertime feeling.  What better way to enjoy these beautiful days by taking a listen to Viceroy’s newest remix.  Viceroy is well known for this infectious music that is properly titles “Summertime, All the Time”.   This four word phrase undoubtably characterizes every tune that Viceroy puts out.  His music is uplifting and will having you dancing even on the gloomiest of days.  “Return Of The Mack” is starts with a reggae influence guitar riff and continues to build into a funk disco infused dance anthem, much like his “Going Back To Cali” remix.  Check out this tune and head over to his soundcloud where you will find so many great tunes.

Download: Return Of The Mack (Viceroys’s “Jet Life” remix) – Mark Morrison
[audio http://dl.soundowl.com/34pt.mp3]

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