If Shlomo is a name you aren’t familiar with than this video we have for you today is just what you need. Fresh from being crowned the Loopstation Champion this beat boxing astral warrior is here to showcase his vocal skills! Here we have a little live show that Mr. Shlomo put together last year. The concept of this one man Shlomo act is to give you a taste of the versatility Shlomo has with his voice through his use vocal manipulation, beat boxing, and looping skills. This live show that Shlomo calls “Mouthtronica” is like no set I’ve seen from him before but it’s amazing if you’re a fan of this kind of music. But anyways Shlomo gives himself enough of an introduction so I’ll cut it off here, oh and the part around 10 minutes in where Shlomo shows us how he makes his bass kick (at 25min in you see him really start to use it) is bonkers!

You can cop the entire “Mouthtronica EP” on iTunes here

written and directed by Shlomo
Filmed and edited by Moral Hangover
Sound by Tony Birch
Lighting Design by Christopher Nairne
Costume Design by Heather Bagley

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