After seeing Gemini for the first time last week, I have a new and even more fond passion for his bass music.  Gemini who is characterized by his demonic look in nearly every picture he is in, is actually a lively and happy looking fellow on stage.  He had so much energy is was hard not to keep dancing.  Gemini’s newest offing, the Fire Inside EP is set to release in on April 4th, and I’ve taken a listen to what he is producing; let me tell you, this will not disappoint.  To grab more attention for the EP, Gemini released his tune “No Way Out” today for free!  I don’t usually think this about Gemini’s music, but this tune reminds me of Adventure Club’s bass music style.  Atmospheric bass and synths with beautiful female vocals.  This is a great tune and the EP is just as good, so be sure to pick up this EP when it drops in a couple days.

Download: No Way Out – Gemini

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