I randomly came across this tune the other day and I am so happy I did.  It’s quite possibly the best summer vibin’ house record I’ve heard since “Levels” in my opinion.  Sander Van Doorn is no new comer to the house music world, he has stacked up a bunch of releases and made it into the Top 100 DJ’s according to DJ Mag.  Sander Van Doorn is a boss when it comes to progessive house music.  “Chasin” is a perfect example of Sander’s production abilities.  This tune starts off slow just like most prog house records, but don’t give up yet.  Give it some time and you’ll hear all the dankness you’ll need.  Around the two minute mark this tune starts to get really exciting and it doesn’t stop there.  Keep listening through this record and you’ll be happy you did.

Download: Chasin’ (Original mix) – Sander Van Doorn

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