Alex Metric came through in a big way today; releasing his brand new EP entirely for free and we at the Dankles are here to give it to you.  This isn’t the first time Alex Metric has graced our blog, with all the great tunes that he puts out it’s hard not to give him some posts.  Alex comes from London and takes is influences from among the greats; citing Daft Punk, Jacques Lu Cont, Basement Jaxx and New Order, and these influences really shine through in Alex’s music.  This time around Mr. Metric released a three track EP that contains a variety of different sounds.  “Rave Weapon” is something you’d expect to hear from A-Trak, and it’s no surprise that A-Trak has been playing this one out.  “Anybody Else” is my personal favorite of the EP, this tune has all the funky tunes and synthesized vocals you can handle, and it sounds a bit like Chromeo too.  And closing out the EP is a fun upbeat tune, “Epichords”.  Check them all out and head over to Alex’s Soundcloud for so much more!

Download: Rave Weapon – Alex Metric

Download: Anybody Else – Alex Metric

Download: Epichords – Alex Metric

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