Dare I say that AC Slater has stepped into the crunkstep game?  AC Slater who is know for his Brooklyn bass and great tunes just unleashed a new one upon us.  AC Slater comes from the Trouble & Bass crew out of New York and has been touring with Feed Me over the last month.  AC Slater was one of the first DJ’s to introduce me to bass music and I have nothing but love for his tunes.  I usually don’t like to compare two artists but I have to say this tune is remarkably reminiscent of Crizzly’s tunes.  It starts off as with verses from Lil Wayne and soon builds along up to a crunchy chainsaw drop.  Be sure to catch AC Slater when he comes to town, the dude knows how to throw a incredible show.

Download : HYFT (AC Slater remix) – Drake

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