So to kick off the weekend we’ve got a little gift for you guys this morning. Some fresh filthiness to start off the day! Boston dubstep trio The Bolivian Marching Affair have begun to gain a real foothold in the electronic music community over the past few years, and we were lucky get a little attention from these guys ourselves when they asked if we’d throw up a couple remixes they’ve churned out in the past few weeks. Last time we featured this gang was on the realease of the massive “Are You Up For Getting Down EP” so it’s about time we got them back up on here. Here are two banger tracks to sink your ears into this Friday; if you like, be sure to let the doods know via social media platforms and such!

[soundowl track_id=”35uf” title=”Love Drunk (TBMA Remix)” artist=”Fei fei” url=”fei-fei-love-drunk-tbma-remix” ]


[soundowl track_id=”35ug” title=”Thunderbreak (TBMA Remix)” artist=”Street Lurkin” url=”street-lurkin-thunderbreak-tbma-remix” ]

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