Moombahton Monday has never felt so good. This new track by David Heartbreak called “Pretty Hooligans” is the hottest thing since sweatpants in the sun. No lie. From the o.g. Ace Hood lyrics to the unbelievably bumpin’ moombah laser melody, this track is on some next level sh*t. And because it is Moombahton Monday, we’ve decided to throw y’all three more redonkulously live tracks that’ll get everyone and their mommas’ booty poppin’. The first bonus track is a very bass-influenced swinger that has some ill dubstep roots to its sound. The second is an ultra-bouncy gabba-gabba/moombahton dancefloor hit from the always fresh aussie J-Trick. And last but certainly not least is a Boston based producer named Mista Marcel who’s wide range of noises has his moombah beats seem overflowing with sexy-swag. Now move yo ass!

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