The Dankles first and foremost is a site where you can not only find music, videos, interviews, and event info on the freshest musical artists out there today, but is also dedicated to spotlighting up and coming talent that we feel deserve a shout. Every Friday, we will be delivering our Fresh Pickn’s of the week with hopes that this start can help you spread your name. So please, if you, your friends, your neighbor, your local dealer, or your 7th grade Science teacher has any music they’ve created that you think we should put on the site; then please feel free to get at us via Facebook, Twitter, or email ( with your track(s) and links to your social media page(s) along with photo so we can give you a shout!


If you have lost faith in DnB, let Gridlok restore it.  This San Fran resident drops straight hammers that will launch you into the London old-school rave mode faster than you knew what hit you.  The super fast tempo and heavy bass lines that Gridlok showcases never cease to impress.  Not only do we receive the classic snare lines and percussion that one would expect from DnB, but he takes it to another level mixing in unheard elements like tribal sounds that will keep you on your toes and jumping in no time.

Listen : Tusken Raider (ft. Jamal) – Gridlok

Listen : Poisonous / Bailey World Exclusive – Gridlok & Prolix

Drop Goblin

There’s nothing that will start a weekend off faster than a little booty poppin’.  Glitch-hop has a special place in my heart because it mixes the two worlds that I love so much; hip-hop elements and electronica.  Drop Goblin has a fresh take on this conjunction, with a more synthy sound than anything, yet alas, it is exactly what the doctor prescribed for the weekend.  The EP that was released just a few weeks ago by Drop Goblin comes through my speakers as it is appropriate for a number of occasions; from upbeat motivating pop sounds to get you up and cleaning or tending to your to-do list, to heavy drop bass tracks that are better suited in the car (given that your system can handle the bass), so if you’re in a happy mood and you want to keep it rollin’, let Drop Goblin roll out the red carpet to bliss for you.

Listen : Feelin’ Like A Rockstar EP Sample – Drop Goblin

Listen / Buy : Booty Pop – Drop Goblin (via Beatport)


This fairly unknown project named Probe has been making waves on the Beatport charts in February and it’s time that the public be introduced to their sounds on a wider scale.  Their sound is mainly an electro house vibe, which for me is very reminiscent of the likes of German producer, Zedd or French producer, Madeon.  As they hail from Estonia, that classic euro element is definitely intact and abundant in their music and gives me that “big room” vibe.  Being fairly new to the scene, we are excited to see how they develop.  If they have made such a big splash in this pool that we call EDM in such little time, we’re sure they will be big in the near future, and we will be keeping our eye on Probe and following their career to see where it leads.

Listen : Time Machine (Preview) – Probe

Listen : Ultimate (Preview) – Probe

Benny Royal

As today is Friday the 13th, we expect some weird and wild stuff to go down.  When I think of a soundtrack for a strange day like this, I automatically think of stabby “dun-nuh” sounds to the Jaws effect or with the pitchy effects of a scary movie overture.  Benny Royal will definitely be providing my sauntering-like-a-creeper anthem for the night with “El Cabron”.  I’m drawn into this track magnetically by the intense intro that fades into a perfect jumpy tune that’s sure to get me ready for any strange events that might take place, I might even be inspired to be the weirdo tonight from all the extra serotonin that Benny Royal feeds to my brain.

Listen : Bailando – Benny Royal

Listen : El Cabron – Benny Royal & Abel Ramos

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