Patrick Megeath aka Dirt Monkey is Denver/Boulder own up and coming dubstep artist that is on the verge of blowing up all across the nation.  Dirt Monkey started out nearly 10 years ago with breaks and hip-hop beats, but more recently has turned his style into heavy hitting dubstep and a variety of other genres.  For instance today we bring you a Dirt Monkey remix at that smooth 110 BPM, otherwise known as the moombahton/moobahcore realm.  This may not sound too much like moombahcore at first but there are definitely elements of it throughout and a thorough emphasis on the dubstep side of things.  If you’re a Denver/Boulder resident, Dirt Monkey can be found at a variety of venues throughout the week.  If you’re into the club setting, Dirt Monkey can be found opening at Beta on Bassic Fridays almost every week.  If you’re into the underground, dirty grimy venue, Cervantes is a great place to catch Dirt Monkey playing.  Peep his Facebook for more info on his upcoming events!

Download: Hold Your Breath (Dirt Monkey remix) – Street Lurkin

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