I suppose Brodinski is really having success with his new label “Bromance Records”.  Since the new year, Brodinski has released a number of brand new remixes all for free.  What could be better than that?  These aren’t shabby remixes either, all of them are top notch techno from one of the best French artists.  Along with these free remixes are Brodinski Official remixes like, “On’nOn” the Justice track from earlier this year.  This remix is an all out banger.  Theophilus compliments Brodinski’s beats the whole way through in that awesome French way.  And check out that album artwork!  Theophilus is having Skream, Crookers, Fred Falke and The Bloody fucking Beetroots and more remix on this album.  You know we will have all the tracks on The Dankles before you know it.

Download: Last Name London (Brodinski remix) – Theophilus London
[audio http://dl.soundowl.com/37pt.mp3]

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