Earlier today I heard Two Sev’s ‘Destroy Them With Lazers’ in a mix and a little bit of research on the remix lead me to this whole EP. Turns out track was off the “108% Moombah Talking EP” which Two Sev dropped a few months back. The EP is a rework of Knife Party’s entire “100% Modern Talking EP” that dropped at the end of 2011 and features remixes from Two Sev, Go Buck!, Ckrono, and Delicious Layza. We brought you Go Buck!’s “Internet Friends’ remix in one of our Fresh Pickin’ posts a few months back but having just heard the whole EP why not bring it back for those of you that missed out! The download links on the soundcloud tracks aren’t active but you can get the whole EP from these producers as a direct download with the  link they tacked on (look for that underneath the soundcloud tracks).


Be sure to sang the whole EP for free from Two Sev HERE!

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