How about a little indie to ease into your Sunday night?  And how appropriately title is this new Crocodiles tune?  Yes I know, very clever.  Crocodiles could be classified as punk/garage/noise/indie/whatever you want to call it, but really it’s just all good to me.  Crocodiles formed back in 2009 and come from San Diego where the swells are always high and the hippies are higher.  Crocodiles released their first album, Summer Of Hate, back in 2009, and this is where I came across my favorite tune from them, which I’ve included as a little special bonus.  Since then Crocodiles have released a number of singles and another album, Sleep Forever.  It’s possible that the coming of this single means that a new album is underway.  Either way I am stoked to bring you something fresh that isn’t entirely made on a computer.  Enjoy and let me know if you’d like to hear more music like this!

Download: Sunday (Psychic Conversation #9) – Crocodiles


Download: I Wanna Kill – Crocodiles

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