It was just recently that Datsik’s ‘Vitamin D LP’ dropped and it sure didn’t take long for remixes to start surfacing. This track came out a little before the entire album but mysterious Kroktopus didn’t waste any time mutating this banger into a dope remix with some moombahcore flavor. Not being a name I have seen before, I looked into this Kroktopus character a little bit only to discover he’s from Boston on top of being half crocodile and half octopus. So we’ll just have to wait and see to see if we can find out anything else about this man they call Kroktopus. Incase you like the sound of his tunes we’re gonna take on a few more tracks (a rack city twist and Gotye remix) he put out over the past few months, if that’s still not enough get on over to his soundcloud to hear it all.


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