Last night was an all out epic time at Beta Nightclub.  The lineup included Denver locals, Dodger and Fury and then drum and bass legend Dieselboy.  The night started with a healthy dose of Dodger’s huge tunes.  Dodger threw in just about everything a dubstep wanted to hear along with some underground tunes.  Dodger closed out his set with Megalodon’s “420”, which went off with a bang!  Fury was up next on the bill and he got everyone warmed up for what Dieselboy was about to bring. As the crowd started to roll in, Fury dropped all the best drum and bass you could ask for.

Just around midnight, the man, the myth, the legend Dieselboy took to the stage and was greeted by a packed dance floor that was ready for his audible beatdown.  Dieselboy started with an epic intro that is reminesent of Excision’s “X”.  Dieselboy then proceeded to drop a healthy two hours full of drum and bass and a splash of dubstep on the side!  Fog machines, strobes, and an LED wall behind Dieselboy added to this truly awesome event.  Notable tracks from Dieselboy was a “50 Caliber” remix from Sub Zero that was huge!  Also, Dieselboy decided to speed up Dillon Francis’ remix of “Who is Ready to Jump” and it worked out so perfectly words cannot explain.  By the time the show was over, everyone was leaving with smiling faces and sweaty shirts.  Overall the night was a huge success, and a big thank you to Beta Nightclub for letting us cover the event!

*PHOTOS COUTRSEY OF TYE ‘TWITCH’ IDLEMAN – Check out more of Tye’s work HERE

If you haven’t ever been to Beta Nightclub before, or would like a little more insight into who runs the venue, their daily routine and why they are passionate about music; this video will have all your questions answered.

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