When we started The Dankles in late 2010, it was something of a new project/hobby to have amongst some close college friends. We all live by the music created around us, and we started the site in hopes that others would be able to share the same love of music that we cherish so deeply. We never imagined we would be where we are today, now with 13 contributors based in Boulder, Chicago, and New York City, 4 shows hosted with many more planned, and now, over 1,000 followers on Facebook. It is for this reason we would like to personally thank each and every one of you for helping us reach this unbelievably rewarding milestone. The love and support you guys have showed us has elevated us to a level of professionalism and stature previously unimaginable in our early days of music appreciation and enjoyment. So, as if thank you could even scratch the surface on our gratitude and admiration towards you all, we’ve decided to create a MEGAPOST of our recent and past favorite tunes including house, electro, dubstep, moombahton, hip-hop, trap, and any other genre of music that get’s us groovin’ to the beat and movin’ our feet. We are the Dankles, a local music dispensary providing dank beats for the masses.

Thank you from John

Download: Yeah We Are Your Friends (No Body Dj Tool) – Boys Noize vs. Justice

Download: Defiant Order – Birdy Nam Nam

Download: Helicopter (Diplo & Lunice remix) – Deerhunter

Download: Y’all Know The Name (Flosstradamus remix) – Jokers Of The Scene

Download: Paper Planes (Diplo remix) – M.I.A.

Thank you from Stephen

Download: No Such Thing – Littrell 

Download: Pimpin – Cyberoptics

Download: Icypoles (Star Slinger remix) – Alpine

Download: Halloween – URBAN ASSAULT

Download: Bonfire Sessions – King Fantastic 

Thank you from Bryan

Download: Stress (Nero Remix) – Justice

Download: Yeah – Boys Noize

Download: Hold Yuh (Major Lazer Remix) – Gyptian

Download: All The Eastern Girls (Flux Pavilion Remix) – Chapel Club

Download: WARP FU (BONES Edit) – 2manyDjs vs The Bloodybeetroots

Thank you from Nate

Download: First (ft. Megalodon) – Melamin & Wicked Sway

Download: Runnin’ – Lunice & Azealia Banks

Download: Let Me C U – Kid Alt Dub

Download: Still Not A Player (Stereothieves Edit) – Big Pun ft. Fat Joe

Download: R U Gon’ Let Me Slip Away?  – DaM-FunK

Thank you from Shane

Download : Tampopsycle (Point.blank Remix) – Eptic

Download : Love Goes Dub – Kleptomaddox

Download : Good Life – OriTzadoK

Download : I Wanna Go (Dubstep Mix) – The District

Download : Shottas ft. Mr. Lexx – Munchi

Thank you from Colton

Download : Ghetto Shlep – Blatwax

Download : Dinosaur Anthems (Bass Science Remix) – Mochipet

Download : The Wrestler (ft. Sluggo) – Helicopter Showdown

Download : Black Water (Love and Light Remix) – Doobie Brothers

Download : Next Level Shit – Minnesota and Kryph

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