You might think it’s a little strange that somebody would have their stage name be “No Body”, but when you have production skills to back it up the name is shortly forgotten.  No Body formed in late 2010, when producers Kevin Chapman and Ruben Smulovitz met at a show, they expressed interest in working together and it turned out really well, since then the duo have conquered and completed a vast array of work.  I can seem to find or confirm this, but I first heard about No Body was back when they released a mashup track of Justice vs. Boys Noize called “Yea We Are Your Friends”.  I’m not entirely sure if it’s their work or not but if it is, more power to them!  It’s one of the only mashup’s I’ve truly loved.  Check out both tracks, and if anyone knows about the origins of the said track, comment and let me know!  And if you like No Body’s tracks head over to their soundcloud for so many free downloads!

Download: Sun and Moon (No Body remix) – Above and Beyond

Download: Yea We Are Your Friends (No Body DJ Tool) – Justice Vs. Boys Noize

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