The Dankles first and foremost is a site where you can not only find music, videos, interviews, and event info on the freshest musical artists out there today, but is also dedicated to spotlighting up and coming talent that we feel deserve a shout. Every Friday, we will be delivering our Fresh Pickn’s of the week with hopes that this start can help you spread your name. So please, if you, your friends, your neighbor, your local dealer, or your 7th grade Science teacher has any music they’ve created that you think we should put on the site; then please feel free to get at us via Facebook, Twitter, or email ( with your track(s) and links to your social media page(s) along with photo so we can give you a shout!

The Flexican

The Flexican is pretty well known in Europe, but new to most of our American eardrums.  My favorite thing about this star out of Amsterdam is his element of surprise.  Although there are recurring elements and a formed style throughout all his sounds, The Flexican’s diversity in what he puts out is incredible.  Whenever I think he can be “defined” in some loose sense of the word, he’ll release a track with a completely different vibe; ranging from electro-house, to dubstep, moombahton and even disco.  His background growing up in Mexico is obvious with the heavy latin influence and drum lines that he frequents.  His sounds are worth a listen as they hold high promises for any type of genre preference.

Listen : Maldita Cumbia – The Flexican & Gregor Salto

Listen : Do You Like Bass – The Flexican & Sidney Samson


Mochipet is young, but going to be huge in the next year or so within our EDM world.  He’s already causing big waves in the music pool, and his heavy reggae influence is sure to mix the scene up.  Mochipet mixes the bigroom bass vibe that we all know and love with a twist of reggae/dubstep twang.  On his new EP, Mochipet Is Evil, he teams up with Chicago native MCZulu, whose voice and lyrics add an extra element that we don’t hear much on EPs.  Despite his young age, Mochipet has received support from some big names in the game, including Bassnectar dropping some of his tracks, and even touring with STS9.  We’ll be following him closely so see how his career and sounds develop.

Listen : Mochipet Is Evil – Mochipet & MCZulu

Listen : To The East – Mochipet & MCZulu

Oh! Tebins

Oh Tebins! (or Kevin Speltz) is my go-to on those IDGAFOS days.  Like on those Sundays when I have a thousand things from my to-do list on my mind, and really don’t care to get any of them done, when I reach over and turn on music and just chill in bed (maybe like today for some of you, with some green).  This melodic production style keeps my mind distracted from the daily grind and give me piece of mind, if only for a four-minute brief glimpse of mental freedom, that’s enough.  So when in need for a break from the grind, try out Oh! Tebins, you won’t regret it.

Listen : I Don’t Yoga – Oh! Tebins

Listen : Softly – Oh! Tebins


When most people think of European producers, many stereotypes can run through our minds; super techno,  “boom boom” in the club tracks are usually expected from the not-so-well-known from across the pond.  You can forget your preconceived notions and let Milan production duo Doublewave take you on a different journey.  Their mainly minimalistic background is a surprising and refreshing change of pace from the fast, heavy-synthed Euro style that we think of.  Don’t be fooled though, this is no sappy ambient music that you could possibly fall asleep to.  By minimalistic, I mean that the use extraneous elements like oversaturated breaks and layers is no where to be found, minimal; but not lacking.  The simple productions of Doublewave take us back to the origins of EDM and remind us of why we love this music to begin with.

Listen : Welcome to Hell (Original Mix) – Doublewave 

Listen : Agora (Original Mix) – Doublewave

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