Yesterday came and went.  Just after 4:20pm people started binge eating and suddenly falling into food coma’s. But for us, the night was only getting started because it was the second annual Levitate Festival!  Last year, Levitate was hosted at the Boulder Theater and this time around it was the biggest venue in Colorado, 1st Bank Center.  Quite the improvement if I do say so myself.  Elm and Oak out did themselves and host what was a really awesome night.  Up first on the bill was Picture Plane, we unfortunately didn’t get their in time to see them, but from what I heard they started off the night properly.  Before long, Paper Diamond took the stage and stole the show.  He mentioned before the show that he was going to be playing a lot of new music and he did just that.  If I had to guess the new tunes he was playing out was a mix of his new EP coming out May 3rd on Mad Decent , and a collection of other new tunes Alex has produced in recent months.

After Paper Diamond wrapped up an awesome set, the break came and a giant orb sat in the middle of the stage.  I had never seen DJ Shadow before last night, and he came out and surprised myself and probably many others with a great set.  DJ Shadow played inside of a giant orb that displayed visuals all over it.  And when the time was right, Shadow would spin his orb around and let the crowd get a look at what he was doing.  I have never seen a live production like that before, it was truly unique.  DJ Shadow played a mix of hip-hop, a little bit of dubstep and some drum and bass.  He mixed it up as much as possible and scratched on nearly every track.

Building Steam With A Grain Of Salt (NiT GriT Mix) by djshadow

Soon DJ Shadow had finished his set and that crazy English bastard, Rusko took the stage!  You could tell Rusko was hyped to play in Colorado on 420 and he kept reminding the crowd.  After seeing Rusko a good number of times this year alone, I’ve come to the conclusion that Rusko is pretty much his own hype-man, and he does a damn good job at it!  He gets on the mic every minute or so and screams something hardly anyone can understand, but everyone is still into it (my guess is that everyone loves his accent).  Rusko danced just as hard as anyone else in the crowd and keep the party going until the very end.  Notable tracks from Rusko:  a remix of Buraka Som Sistema’s “Hangover” that I’ve never heard before, and Rusko even played out all four remixes of “Somebody to Love” which was epic!  All-in-all, the night was a blast, and we can’t wait to see what Elm and Oak is going to plan for next year’s Levitate Festival!

Download: Hangover (Bababa) (IllSkillz remix) – Buraka Som Sistema

Download: Somebody To Love (Skream remix) – Rusko

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