Our Miami homies are back at it again with a brand new remix!  Mike Larson and Obi “Damaged Goods” Tawil aka Caligula come out of Miami and have a unique yet very appealing flavor for dubstep.  This time around they are remixing “Llamastep” by Llamabeats!  Llamabeats provides the verses and Caligula throws in the bass and big drums.  When the bass drops you hear the classic Caligula big low end bass sound.  Something I am very fond of.  If you’ve never listened to Caligula before, peep our interview we have with them a few months ago.  You’ll learn a lot about the duo and there are some free downloads along the way too!  Click HERE for the interview!

Download: Llamastep (Caligula remix) – Llamabeats

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