I’m not really sure how this slipped under my radar but we missed a dope new tune from AC Slater the other day.  AC Slater from Brooklyn, New York, is a quintessential part of New York’s Trouble and Bass crew.  AC Slate is know for his big Brooklyn bass and some elements of dubstep and electro mixed in.  This time around AC Slater gives a shout out to all the smokers out there.  Use of lighter sparks, inhale/exhaling and coughing lead you up to this bass bumping drop.  AC Slater throws in his classic synths and electro style, with adding some wobbles here and there to spice it up.  If you’re looking for a new smoking song that will pump you up at the same time, this may be your answer.  Burn one down and listen.

Download: Little Chronic – AC Slater

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