Feel this! On a warm and breezy night, adorned in our favorite outfits, we hit the streets in search for a good time while blasting Drop It Low – J-Trick ft. Treyy G through the car speakers. It comes as no surprise to us that this awesome Aussie delivers straight fire, again, making it impossible not to literally “Drop It Low” as soon as you hear this track. This one is definitely a club banger and we’re so excited and proud as we’ve been closely watching our good friend’s star quickly rise. Stream his hot new single below and be sure to check out the new EP remix competition for unexposed and upcoming producers!

Listen: Drop It Low (Original Mix ft. Treyy G) – J-Trick & Reece Low

Buy the entire “I’m So Hot EP” via Beatport HERE

We caught up with J-Trick after wrapping up his first US tour to see what his impressions were of his experience while he was here…..

TD:  What were your first impressions of the US upon landing at LAX (LA International Airport) for the first time?

Jamie: First impression was WTF! Somehow they managed to lose my luggage, but they paid me 50 bucks for the hassle…Yea, but after leaving the airport, I just remember feeling like I was in Grand Theft Auto, or Friday the movie…Loved it!

TD:  What was your favorite set that you played while in the US and why?

Jamie: Would have to be Muevelo in LA, just because everyone that was there was a die-hard Moombah fan and they appreciated the tunes.  Also, the club was sick, and I had Go-Go dancers…Pimpin!

TD:  What was your favorite city to visit and why?

Jamie: Again, would have to be LA.  There’s just something about that place that I love.  There’s so much talent in LA, not only young producers and DJs, but artists; young clothing designers everything!  It seemed to be a lot more relaxed and laid back than New York.  Could seriously picture myself living there…who knows?

TD:  After having met numerous Dj’s & producers in a short time span and having been able to spend time with them what did you take away from experiencing working side by side with them?

Jamie: I spent a fair bit of time with my dudes Tonic and DJ Blend in LA, and we were hanging out with their crew.  The way these guys run their show is AMAZING!  They have general managers, road managers, merchandise peeps and a whole crew of people supporting them everyday in the studio.  I was watching how they go about their business and really took a lot away from that…It’s like a little family and everyone is doing their bit, its really kool!  I was lucky enough to actually get in the studio with Tonic and work on some tunes; we made 2 tracks that we are in the process of finishing at the moment and they’re sounding crazy!  From a studio/producing point of view, Tonic really inspires me, so being able to work in the studio with him was the best experience.

 TD:  When do you next plan to visit the states?

Jamie: I’ve already been talking with promoters about gigs in June and August!  So I’ll be back soon!

 TD:  Rumor has it that a Moombahton Massive-esque event may occur with some of our favorite Moombah producers in Australia, any truth to that rumor?

Jamie: Definitely a truth to that rumor… But for now its all under wraps! You will just have to wait and see!!  (Stay tuned….)

TD:  You visited LA, Chicago, Orlando, and New York City, which cities would you like to add on to your next tour to visit?

Jamie: Definitely Miami, San Francisco, Phoenix, D.C., and anywhere that my fans are at!

TD:  Since you are heading back to Sydney with lots of new ideas, inspiration, friends, memories, etc., how will you translate all of this to the Club Cartel Family?

Jamie: I’ve got some massive things in store for Club Cartel this year.  I’ve picked up a lot of ideas on the tour and all that is basically going to translate into our crew growing together. I formed Club Cartel Records with the vision to build and expose young, unrecognized talent, so we are doing everything we can to make that happen.  We’ve got a lot of exciting stuff for the fans and aspiring producers too, like remix competitions (INFO ON THE FIRST REMIX COMPETITION TO BE ADDED LATER TODAY), merchandise giveaways and other competitions.  Its going to be an interesting couple of months coming up!

TD:  Next EP Release Date?  Yours and JayFay’s?

Jamie: The track I did with JayFay is coming out on Generation Bass real soon.  It’s going to be a track on his EP.  My next original release will be my track “Code” with my dude from Poland, Dario Delvegez.  That will be coming out on Club Cartel in just over 3 weeks so keep an eye out for that!

TD:  Was the New York crew over the top for you?

Jamie:   Haha the New York crew was dope, real kool, they all came down to support and we had a crazy night!

TD:  After playing sets on the major moombah circuit in the US with only your laptop/headphones in tow, and having to use different equipment/set-ups, will you be updating your studio setup upon arriving home?

Jamie: My tour manager Rob has pretty much convinced me to try Traktor…I’ve never used Serato or any of those programs.  Its always been just CDJs, but I’m always looking for ways to improve my sets and bring something new to my overall sound, so I’m definitely considering it!

 TD:  Any last words or shout-outs?

Jamie: Just a MASSIVE shout out to all my fans and followers; all the people that buy and download my tracks, all the people I met in the states, everyone that’s ever supported me in any way…It all counts and without that support, I wouldn’t have the motivation I have right now, so thank you!

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