Outside of Congress Theater by The Dankles

For the entire week leading up to this show, the minds of many Chicagoans swam with a few daunting questions. First, how in gods green earth could anyone bring themselves back to the scene where Bassnectar had put on one might fine performance no less then 5 days before? With this show being on day known for indulging in the inhaling or consumption of a little substance we call The Electric Lettuce, what plans would be made to honor one of the finest activities the world has ever participated in? Lastly, exactly how loud is 100,000 watts of pure ear-ringing, bone-rattling, bass-heavy sound? All those questions and more were answered this past Friday as The X-Tour rolled into Congress Theater for a night of debauchery and mayhem.

Lucky Date

Lucky Date @ Congress Theater by Vladimir Zaytsev

Due to a serious case of the dragging ass leaving the house, I was unable to make Liquid Strangers set except for hearing the tail ends of bass being played from the lobby. By the time I reached the belly of the beast that is Congress, Lucky Date had already graced the stage and was cranking out tunes to a sea of enthusiastic people. With bangers after bangers coming out during his set, it was easy to see that Lucky Date wasn’t taking it easy on his hometown crowd that came out in full force to support him after 3 months of being on the road. Jams like Zedd’s remix to Breakin’ A Sweat, Lucky Date’s own remix to King Kong, and The Bingo Players Rattle had everyone dancing like maniac’s. Wrapping things up with Chuckie’s Who Is Ready to Jump was befitting for what was in store for us and Jordan was applauded for putting on a damn good set! Standouts included:



While Lucky Date was on stage, my eyes kept taking nervous glances at the infamous stage setup that Excision would use to deliver 100,000 watts of sound upon Congress Theater. Once on stage, Excision took things to a whole other level and kicked the evening off droppin Crowd Control that nearly blew a few raver bb’s off their feet in front of us. After being treated to 10 min of overwhelming bass to the face while standing five rows from the front, we decided to move to safer (and less sweaty) pastures and held down a spot behind the sound booth for the remainder of the show. Excision’s set kept crossing the lines from being   a plain dangerous to downright criminal, droppin the loudest versions of Knife Party’s Crush on You and Doctor P’s remix to The License (a.k.a the new “Levels”) I’ve ever heard. Being that it was 4/20, Congress was literally up in smoke when Dre & Snoops OG classic The Next Episode was given a fresh to death dubstep touch.


Before Excision went into his encore set, he thanked the crowd for coming out and expressed his gratitude to all those who had been with him over the last 3 months (this show was the 2nd before the grande finale up in MN). As the crowd raised their hands to create a X and prepared themselves for the end of a great night, I was happy that our family of friends that continues to go hard at every show was all together and survived 100,000 watts of sound on 4.20! Standouts included:

Download: Neon (Roksonix Remix) – Doctor P feat Jenna G

Special Thanks To: Vladimir Zaytsev for the photo and Zach over at React Presents.

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